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Nick Starcevic’s Many BB Loves

If you’ve watched Season 8, then you already know about the romance between Nick and Daniele Donato. Although Daniele entered the house already in a relationship, it was clear that the two had chemistry. It took some time in the beginning, but ultimately, Daniele gave into her feelings. This stirred up a lot of drama for two reasons: one, Daniele did have a boyfriend outside of the house, and two, Jen Johnson, a fellow HG, had an obvious crush on Nick. This was also a factor that led to the Daniele/Dick/Nick vs. Jen feud that year.

After leaving the house, Nick and Daniele dated for a very short period of time, breaking up almost right after the wrap of the show. 

Shortly after breaking up with Daniele, Nick would go on to date Jen Johnson! This was a surprise because on the show, Nick was very rude to Jen and denied all of her advances. Although they denied it in the beginning, they ultimately admitted to dating and were together for a little over a year.

This was not the last time Nick was with a Big Brother player. More recently, Nick started dating Kristen Bitting from Season 12. Their relationship, however, did not last very long.

Currently, Nick is dating a non-Big Brother girl. See photos below:

My Gal and Me.... by Nick StarcevicPhoto Booth  Hogs N Heifers    Nick Starcevic

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